Car Dealership Networks Got Shutdown by Hackers: Were You Affected?

Since the pandemic the number and scale of cyber attacks have been unprecedented

Major security breach
Major security breach on car dealerships

Key takeaways:

  • CDK Global, a key software provider for nearly 15,000 automotive dealerships across North America, experienced a cyberattack on June 19, affecting their operations into the next day.
  • The cyberattack on CDK Global is likely to increase wait times for vehicle servicing at many dealerships due to disruptions in digital and data services.
  • This incident follows another recent cyberattack on Findlay Auto Group, indicating a potential trend of increasing cyber threats targeting the automotive sector.
  • CDK Global has shut down most systems as a precaution and is collaborating with cybersecurity experts to assess and mitigate the impact, striving to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

CDK Global, a prominent provider of software and cloud-based data storage solutions for automotive dealerships and OEMs, has been hit by a significant cyberattack, causing widespread disruptions in their operations.

The incident, which first came to light on June 19, has persisted into the following day, with CDK Global taking swift action to mitigate the damages.

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How did the news get out?

The cyberattack was disclosed by CDK Global through their communications to customers and the media, indicating a breach that could potentially extend wait times for vehicle servicing across nearly 15,000 dealer locations in North America.

The company, known for its comprehensive offerings that include digital retail experience tools, financial software, and customer data management, is a critical technology backbone for the auto sales industry.

Coordinated cyber attacks are on the rise worldwide

The timing of this cyberattack is particularly notable as it follows closely on the heels of another significant security breach at Findlay Auto Group, a large auto retailer in the southwest.

This suggests a possible trend of targeted cyberattacks within the automotive industry, highlighting a growing vulnerability that could have broader implications for data security and business operations.

Are customers affected?

Lisa Finney, CDK Global’s Senior Manager of External Communications, addressed the incident stating that the company experienced a cyber incident late in the evening on June 19. In response, CDK Global proactively shut down most of their systems to assess the impact, with the aid of third-party cybersecurity experts.

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They are working diligently to restore services and keep their customers updated as they aim to bring dealerships back to normal operations swiftly.