Two Best Free Linux Word Processors You Can Download Right Now!

Computer user

Computer user

Choosing the right word processor can be a bit of a task, especially when you’re operating on a Linux system where options might not seem as diverse as they are for Windows or macOS.

Linux still hosts a variety of robust and efficient word processors that are absolutely free. Here, we are going to delve into two of the best free word processors available for Linux users.

1. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer tops the list as it is a feature-rich word processor that provides robust functionality, compatibility and is free of cost. LibreOffice is a project of The Document Foundation and is a fork of, providing a great alternative to Microsoft Office.

It supports a wide range of document formats, including Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), RTF, HTML, XML, and ODT. Its functionality is similar to that of mainstream word processors with features such as spell check, auto-correct, templates, and the ability to insert tables, images, and charts.

LibreOffice Writer also supports extensions for added functionality. The interface is user-friendly, and it is available in multiple languages. Moreover, it is open source, which allows for continuous development and improvement by the community.

2. AbiWord

AbiWord is a lightweight word processor with a clean and intuitive user interface. It’s designed to be lightweight and efficient, making it an ideal choice for older systems or minimalist setups.


AbiWord supports a multitude of file formats including Word, documents, WordPerfect documents, RTF, HTML, and more.

Its features include spell checking, grammar checking, and a collaborative editing feature which allows multiple people to work on a document simultaneously. AbiWord is also customizable, allowing the addition of various plugins to extend its features.

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The Linux OS has pushed open source software to top of mind for many computer users, long before Microsoft embraced the the concept.

AbiWord and LibreOffice are but just two examples some great word processors available to help you with you daily tasks – for free👍.